Lord Hanuman Wife, Marriage and their Temple

The tale of Lord Hanuman ji's marriage and the construction of the Temple of Lord Hanuman's wife.

Lord Hanuman's  Wife:

Lord Hanuman Wife

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Hanuman Ji is a celibate man, as everyone is aware. Yet, did you know that Hanuman ji was also a married man?

You can also visit the Hanuman wife temple in India, which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman's wife. Devotees come from all over the world to pay their respects at the temple.

Hanuman's Wife's Temple: 

In the Andhra Pradesh area of Khammam, A temple is present honoring Hanuman's consorts. Hanuman ji is shown here with his wife, Suvarchala Devi, in his householder form, rather than his brahmachari form (Hanuman wife). Each and every one of Lord Hanuman's followers holds the same opinion about him that he and his wife are childless celibates.

This avatar of Hanuman is described in both the Valmiki Ramayana and the Ramcharit Manas. The Parashar Samhita alludes to Hanuman's marriage at one point.

The Suvarchala Temple, or the Hanuman Wife Temple, stands in the Khammam region of Andhra Pradesh. Hanuman's matrimony is attested by the existence of this temple. But this doesn't rule out the likelihood that Lord Hanuman is a Brahmachari. In addition to being a married adult, Hanuman Ji is a Brahmachari who took the vows as a young guy.

The Story of Hanuman's wife and the Marriage of Lord Hanuman 

Hanuman wed Suvarchala Devi, daughter of the Sun God, and they raised a large family. Despite this, Hanuman did eventually settle down and start a family.

As a Guru Dakshina, Lord Hanuman wed Suvarchala against his will. Lord Son gave orders to Hanuman, the monkey king. Hanuman ji was learning from his master, the Sun God, how to navigate the earth.

Hanuman ji had to accompany Lord Sun's chariot throughout each day's journey since the Sun could not stop. In return, Hanuman ji will learn much from the Lord Sun. Yet even as Hanuman ji proceeded to soak up every last bit of knowledge, a problem arose before the sun one day.

Lord Hanuman Marriage Announcement:

Five of the seven types of knowledge (lore) were taught and transmitted to Hanuman from his teacher (God Sun), while the other two types (lore) were of a character that could only be taught to a married individual. Hanuman ji assured him that he would be given every opportunity to advance his education.

God Sun, has run into trouble. To make matters worse, the Sun God told Hanuman ji that he would no longer be able to further his study until after he got married. The issue became complicated for Lord Hanuman when he vowed to be celibate for the remainder of his life.

As Hanuman ji consulted the Sun God, the Sun God suggested that he marry his daughter Suvarchala. Hanuman ji agreed to get married so that he might fulfill the conditions of his vow.

What is the story behind Suvarchala, the wife of Lord Hanuman?

Tapaswini was actually Suvarchala. Surya Dev was getting his extremely religious daughter Suvarchala ready to wed Hanuman ji.

Suvarchala Devi returned to her temple and began a life of penance after her marriage to Hanuman Ji. This meant that Hanuman ji could finally tie the knot, as the fast of Brahmachari was not broken.

The Parashar Samhita also describes Hanuman Ji's wedding. After this, Hanuman ji completed his schooling, and Suvarchala dedicated the remainder of his life to penance. Hanuman ji has opted to remain celibate throughout his life despite the fact that he was offered a marriage alliance.

In the Parashar Samhita "This marriage has been done for the good of the cosmos, and it did not even impair the celibacy of Hanuman ji," Suryadev is rumored to have said about the union. This union has been made for the greater good of all living things.

The Hanuman ji temple in the Khammam area of Andhra Pradesh is where it is said that marital conflicts can be settled by a visit from both spouses.

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