Interesting Facts about Lord Hanuman

Hanuman is worshiped as the Lord with immense strength in Hinduism. Lord Hanuman is known by many names. Hanuman is known to be the embodiment of infinite power and strength, his detailed accounts of the stories in Ramayan have led to the development of Hanuman in shaping his character Hanuman has far more qualities and virtues, therefore, there are many stories/facts associated with it. Let’s find out.

Sindoor is offered to Lord Hanuman! Did you know why?


Once he saw Goddess Sita applying sindoor (Vermillion) on her forehead. He asked her what purpose it served to which Sita said that it was for the long life and well-being of her husband Lord Rama. Then Hanuman covered his entire body with sindoor for the long life of Rama. It is believed that if you offer Sindoor to Hanuman or smear it on his body, he grants all your wishes.

Lord Hanuman Once Rejected a gift from Maa Sita

Goddess Sita gave Hanuman a pearl necklace as a gift but he politely declined it saying I can’t take anything that is devoid of God Ram’s name then devotee Hanuman ripped off his chest and showed an image of both of them.

The Immortal God-Hanuman


When God Ram left for the heavenly abode with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman his most ardent devotee Hanuman vowed that he would stay on this planet till the time the name of Rama is chanted by the inhabitants. Hanuman is one of the seven immortals (Chiranjivis) until the beginning of the next Satya Yuga, according to Hindu traditions. Keeping a watch on all human beings. He is believed to be alive even today.

The King of Bears Jambavantha reminded Hanuman of his ultimate Powers

Hanuman had a reputation for being notorious during childhood. He used to pester meditating hermits, who had taken refuge in the King Kesari kingdom (Hanuman’s father). During one such incident, an annoyed sage condemned Him and due to the spell, Hanuman was unable to remember the powers vested in him by the deities till the time someone reminded him of it. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Jambavantha was the one who reminds Hanuman of his powers to pursue the search for Goddess Sita.

Hanuman version of Ramayan – is a superior one compared to that Valmiki’s

After the Lanka war, Hanuman went to Himalayas for continuing his devotion to Lord Ram, he inscribed his version of Ram’s tale on the walls of the Himalayas with his nails but he discarded his version. The reason being When Maharshi Valmiki paid a visit to Hanuman and showed his version of Ramayana, he saw the walls and felt sad as he believed that Hanuman’s Ramayana was much superior and that his arduously created version will go unnoticed. Realizing this, Hanuman discarded his version. Humbled Valmiki said he would love to be reincarnated to sing the glory of Hanuman!

The Story behind “Death of Rama”


When Ram decided to take an exit from the planet for his journey to Vaikuntha – a celestial abode of Lord Vishnu, he was sure that Hanuman would not allow God of Death – Yama to claim him and enter Ayodhya, hence ram dropped his ring to hades (Paataal) through a crack in the floor and instructed hanuman to find it. During his search for the ring, It was there that Hanuman had his first encounter with Nagaraja, the king of the serpents, who told him that the ring fall in hades is an indication that the time of Ram avatar has come to an end.

The Hanuman and Bhima's brother's connection

Vayu Deva –Lord of the winds was the father of both Hanuman and Bhima. once, despite his immense strength, Bhima was unable to move hanuman's tail, at the time of Pandavas exile,  Bhima was looking for a flower for his wife when he saw a monkey sleeping with his tail blocking the path and when Bhima asked him to move away tail, monkey denied and asked him to do it which he could not lift or move it, therefore, he realized that it’s not an ordinary monkey, it was Pawanputra(son of Lord of the winds) Hanuman.

Hanuman Was an Incarnation Of Lord Shiva


Hanuman’s mother Anjana was a beautiful fairy in the celestial palace court of Lord Brahma. She was cursed by a sage that, her face would turn into the face of a monkey, The moment she fell in love and hence Brahma thought of helping her and when she was born on the earth, Anjana finds her love of life Kesari, the monkey king and both got married. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and her continued devotion impressed Shiva, she wished him to be her son so that she would get freed from the curse of the sage.

On a sunny day, King Dasrath was performing a yagna (a special prayer) after which the sage gave him kheer(sweet dish) to feed his wives. A small portion from his wife (Kaushlya) was snatched by a kite that flew all the way where Anjana was meditating. Lord Vayu (Pawan – Wind) kept the kheer in Anjana’s hand as instructed to him by the lord shiva. Thinking it was Lord Shiva’s prasad(sweet dish given to god) Anjana ate it and thus gave birth to his incarnation – Pawan Putra Hanuman who was called the son of the Lord of the Winds.

Lord Hanuman had a son - Makardhwaja

Although Hanuman was a Bal Brahmachari he had a Son namely Makardhwaja who was born to a mighty fish with the same name, it is said that Hanuman burnt the Lanka with his tail, and to cool off his body he dipped it in the sea and then a drop of his sweat was swallowed by the fish and thus Makardhwaja was conceived.

Hanuman fought a battle and won against Lord Rama


Sage Vishwamithra once ordered Rama to kill Yayati. Sensing the threat, Yayathi went for help from Hanuman, who ensured to save Yayati from the danger. Hanuman did not use any weapon in his battle, instead stood and keep chanting Rama’s name on the battlefield. The arrows from Rama’s bow had no effect on Hanuman. Lord Rama then gave up and sage Vishwamithra relieved Rama of his word after seeing the courage and devotion of Hanuman.

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