Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - 8 Siddhi

 Lord Hanuman is prayed for by a large number of devotees. The devotes who are fortunate enough to read Ramayan know why Lord Hanuman is one of the most worshipped gods.

One of the seven Chiranjivis, it is said that he still lives on Earth. Kesari and Anjani are Hanuman's parents. He also descends from the wind god Vayu.

Lord Hanuman appears in Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other Books. God of Knowledge, Strength, Courage, Devotion, and Self-Discipline.

As per Ramayana, Hanuman was born in Kishkinda. Gangavathi Taluk, Koppal district, Karnataka.

Lord Hanuman is one of the universe's greatest powers, but he exclusively worships Lord Shri Rama. He never flaunted his power to frighten people, Only devils knew of his formidable skills.

"Ashta Siddhi Abilities of Lord Hanuman Ji" will detail his highest powers. Let's start with Lord Hanuman Ji's Ashta Siddhi Abilities.

1. Anima: The Power to Shrink to an Atom or Disappear.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Anima

Hanuman's first Siddhi is Ahima. Lord Hanuman can become an atom with this capability. His entry into Lanka proved this Siddhi when he entered into the Kingdom of Ravana, Lanka in search of Maa Sita.

Hanuman Ji became an insect to escape Ravana's demons to freely look for Mata Sita.

2. Mahima: Infinite size, expanding one’s body to the largest.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Mahima

Mahima is Hanuman Ji's second Ashta Siddhi skill. This is opposite to Ahima siddhi. He can get huge with this skill. Ramayana and Mahabharata describe this hanuman siddhi ability several times.

Hanuman Ji showed his enormous form to Bheema in Mahabharata. Before crossing the Ocean to Lanka, Hanuman Ji turned enormously big is another proof of his Mahima Siddhi.

Hanuman Ji's Sun-as-fruit narrative may be familiar. He became multiple times stronger than the Sun to eat it which appeared to him like a fruit, Ashta Siddhi proves it.

3. Laghima: Airborne weightlessness. The ability to become lightest.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Laghima

Ashta Siddhi lets Hanuman Ji become light as he wants. He could levitate.

Hanuman Ji reached Ashok Vatika to find Mata Sita using Ashta Siddhi. Hanuman Ji utilized this when the Demon King visited Ashok Vatika. He floated on a leaf (or branch). Hanuman Ji sat on the leaves until Ravana and his servants were present.

4. Prapti: Instantaneous travel, The ability to be anywhere at will.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Prapti

Hanuman Ji can move freely with this Ashta Siddhi. Reaching anywhere takes him seconds.

He can reach any height or depth. Prapti also makes him waterproof. This Ashta Siddhi also grants wishes. There are mentions of this Hanuman Siddhi several times in Ramayana.

5. Prakamya: The power to attain what one wants.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Prakamya

This Ashta Siddhi allows one to achieve their dreams. This skill lets one speak with animals, birds, and other creatures. It also shows the future.

Hanuman Ji spoke with several animals to find Mata Sita. That allowed him quickly find Mata Sita.

6. Isitva: This siddhi refers to the "power of lordliness" 

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Isitva

which is the absolute dominion over all of creation. Isitva, one of the greatest siddhis, allows for the breaking of natural rules and overlaps all other siddhis.

Control over nature, people, organisms, etc.

Ashta Siddhi lets one manage nature, living things, etc. Power to force influence on others.

Hanuman Ji controlled the Vanar army with this superpower. Hanuman Ji's leadership affected and motivated every Dharma fighter during Ravana's army's war.

This enabled Hanuman Ji to save many warriors. Hanuman Ji is revered worldwide, especially in India, because of this Siddhi from Ashta Siddhi.

7. Vasitva: Controlling all natural forces.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Vasitva

Ashta Siddhi lets one control anything. It could be anything. Hanuman Ji can control his mind from distractions and materialism with this extraordinary talent. That enables him to meditate and work.

Ashta Siddhi's Hanuman Ji may also control others' minds and forces. Hanuman Ji dominated many minds with this.

8. Garima: Infinite weight and indestructibility.

Lord Hanuman Ashta Siddhi Power - Garima

Hanuman Ji can make anything heavy with this Ashta Siddhi.

He showed this talent when he and Bheema met in Mahabharata. Bheema thought he was the strongest man in the universe. Hanuman becomes an old ape to teach him, Dharma.

Hanuman Ji, the ancient ape, slept on Bheema's route. Bheema was enraged at that elderly ape. Hanuman Ji knew Bheema's thoughts. Hanuman Ji's desire made his tail so heavy that Bheem could move Hanuman's tail an inch. Bheema realized the universe's most powerful entity.

Wrapping up

These were Hanuman Ji's Ashta Siddhis. You've probably got an overview of Lord Hanuman's abilities and skills. These powers are enough to rule or destroy the earth. He never used Ashta Siddhi's talents for himself or others. He seeks godly righteousness.


What is Hanuman Siddhi?

Hanuman is regarded as a fully developed yogi and possesses eight siddhis, or "mystic perfections," including anima (the capacity to shrink to the smallest size), mahima (the capacity to grow infinitely large), laghima (the capacity to become lighter than air), prapti (the capacity to travel anywhere instantly at will), prakamya (the capacity to fulfil one's desires), isitva (the capacity to create or destroy anything at will), and (the ability to assume any form or shape one desires).

Which Hanuman mantra is good for health?

By reciting the Hanuman beej mantra, you can focus better and feel more energized. Also, it aids in thwarting Shani Sade Sati's negative impacts. The beej mantra aids in gaining physical stamina, strength, and power.

Who gave Asta Siddhi to Hanuman?

This Siddhi was given to God Hanuman by the god Sri Rama. Laghima is the capacity to lose all sense of weight (being light, able to float and fly). This Siddhi was given to God Hanuman by the god Sri Rama.

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