Hanuman Chalisa, The Most powerful Hymn!

Lord Hanuman is worshipped as the "God of Strength" by many in Hinduism, He is one of the seven “Chiranjeevi” which means "The Immortal", Chiranjivis are seven immortal living beings in Hinduism and will remain alive on Earth until the end of Kalyuga. One can see huge crowd gathering in the Hanuman temples across the country on Tuesdays and Saturdays, as Hanuman was born on Tuesday on a full moon day of the month, chaithra and Saturday is considered to be the day of Shani Dev, while Lord Hanuman was searching for Goddess Sita, it is known that Hanuman rescued Shani dev from Ravan's Hold and as a gesture Shani Dev gave a boon that Lord Hanuman and his devotees will be exempted from all Shani Dev's adverse effects.

Hanuman-Chalisa-Most-powerful-Hymn, Why-is-the-Hanuman-Chalisa-so-powerful

"Sarva Kalyana Thadharam Sarvabath Ganamarudham
Abhara Karunamurthim Anjaneyam Namayaham
Asathya Sadagam Swamin Asathyam Dava Kimvada
Ramadhoota Krupasindho Mathkaryam Sadaya Prabho"

The Crux of the above Shlok is that Lord Hanuman can convert the “asathya” to “sathya” which means "impossible" to "possible"

One of the instance when Lord Hanuman stormed Ashok Vatika where Goddess Sita was held captive, Ashok Vatika was a place of high security in the kingdom of Ravan where even air could not enter that's why it is said that Lord Hanuman can  convert the “asathya” to “sathya”("impossible" to "possible") 

It is known that Tulsi Das supposedly wrote beautiful verses of the Hanuman Chalisa in the prison. There was an instance when  Tulsi Das went to meet a Moghul Emperor in Delhi when he had a vision of God Sri Ram in Gokul (Sri Krishna Birthplace). The Emperor challenged Tulsi Das to show Sri Rama to him to which he replied that it is not possible without true devotion towards Rama and he was imprisoned by the emperor,  it is said that after the completion of the Hanuman Chalisa in prison, an army of monkeys attacked the city, The king and his forces were unsuccessful to control the monkeys and urged tulsi das to intervene realizing that the monkey menace was out of the wrath of the Monkey God, Hanuman. it is said that the monkeys stopped their mischiefs immediately after Tulsi Das was free from the Jail.

In Hinduism, it is a very popular belief that chanting the Hanuman Chalisa invokes Lord Hanuman's intervention in serious problems, including those suffering from evil spirits, and other claim made by Tulsi das in Hanuman Chalisa includes that whoever chants it with full devotion towards Hanuman, will have Hanuman's grace and blessings.

The devotee who will recite the hymn – "Sriram Jayaram Jaya Jaya Ram", Lord Hanuman will quickly come for the aid of the person chanting it. Why do we pray to Hanumanji? We pray to him for giving us mental and physical strength, to remove all the evil and negative influences from our lives, to wipe out our fearfulness, and to sharpen our intellect. When we pray to Lord Hanuman with a pure heart and firm faith, he will surely come to our rescue.

The devotion of Lord Hanuman towards Lord Rama is unprecedented. Lord Rama told Hanuman when he was returning to Ayodhya after successfully winning the battle against Ravan,  "Whatever you have done for me is simply boundless. I will forever be in your debt. I bless that you attain immortality and be a "Chiranjeevi", Wherever the glory of Rama is being talked about, Hanuman's glory will also be spoken about.

The best time to recite Hanuman Chalisa is in the morning and evening. it is suggested to maintain personal hygiene While reciting Hanuman Chalisa, the hymn can be recited just after taking a bath In the morning, and In the evenings, one should wash the face, hands, and legs then sit down to recite the Hanuman Chalisa. It just takes around 10 minutes to recite the hymn. All children and adults can recite Hanuman Chalisa.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman comes to the rescue for those who pray to him sincerely with unshakable faith and pure devotion. In the same manner when Lord Hanuman helps Lord Ram to win over Ravana by overcoming all the obstacles.

So, folks, have complete faith in the Lord and experience the change and Continue to chant the Hanuman Chalisa without any fail and believe in the astounding powers of the Ultimate God Hanuman.